After a difficult break-up in his native Germany, Jan Bauer sets off for the Australian desert in search of himself. His 450km journey takes him into the scorching hot centre of Australia. There he meets a fellow wanderer, the young French woman, Morgane. The two grow closer as step by step they traverse the tough and beautiful Larapinta trail’s dry and salty riverbeds.

Jan Bauer’s debut novel is a tender and unexpected love story set in a spectacular environment.

The Salty River is a delight – funny, heartfelt, generous.’ – Tony Birch (author of Blood and Shadowboxing)

‘Jan Bauer works black-and-white magic, inviting us on a journey through enormous landscapes, both geographical and emotional. A beautiful and intimate book.’ – Nicki Greenberg (creator of the graphic adaptations The Great Gatsby and Hamlet)

‘The best German debut of the year.’ – Matthias Heine, Die Welt

‘Convincing honesty and charm.’- Christian Endres, Der Tagesspiegel

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