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Safdar Ahmed’s Still Alive: Notes from Australia’s Immigration Detention System interweaves journalism, history and autobiography with a striking visual style to bring to light the crucial untold stories of refugees in Australia, and the immigration detention systems they confront here.

‘This book brought me to tears – it is a moving and profoundly important work of art.’ – Isobelle Carmody, writer and activist

‘Still Alive is about the humble power of writing and drawing, by anyone brave enough to hold a pencil, to subvert the silence that others would wish to impose upon us.’ – Shaun Tan, artist and writer

‘These are stories of uncomfortable truths which must be told and read by anyone who cares about fundamental questions of justice and humanity in this country.’ – David Manne, human rights lawyer

‘This is a book about resilience, a rollercoaster that takes us through pain, shame, rage, sadness and, against all odds, hope. Will there be a happy ending?’ – Ahmad Hakim, Refugee Voices

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